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We use Sienna X, the leading professional sunless tan, official tanning supplier to Strictly Come Dancing, the BRIT awards 2012 and 2011 and number one tanning choice of salons UK wide.
Sienna X provides a range of professional tanning products to suit every skin type, and produces the most natural looking “sun-kissed” and glowing appearance to your skin.
Have you always worried that your skin will turn “orange?” – Not with Sienna X, it’s the most natural looking sunless suntan available!
Do you want to have a healthy glow for a social gathering, party, wedding or where you want to impress? 
Do you feel self-conscious about your skin colour before jetting-off on holiday?

Sienna X gives you a natural suntanned colour which makes you look and feel great … Luxury all-over body sunless spray tan - £27.00

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