• Waxing

Do you want to ensure unwanted hair is removed efficiently and leaving you with a smooth, hair-free result?

We offer a comprehensive range of waxing treatments, as listed below.

We specialize in warm wax techniques, using cream wax that is removed with paper strips. Before commencing the waxing process, we apply an antiseptic lotion to smooth and calm the area and leave it feeling soft, smooth and hair-free by the end of the treatment.

Eyebrow waxing - £10.00

Lip waxing - £8.00

Lip & Chin waxing - £12.00

½ Leg (Lower Leg) waxing - £15.00

silver birch beauty waxing


Please note:
You should avoid hot baths or showers for 12/24 hours after waxing.
You should apply a smoothing, healing antiseptic cream to the treated area.
Avoid swimming or excessive excercise for 12/24 hours after the treatment.
Do not use a sunbed, or expose your skin to any UV light for at least 24 hours before waxing & 12/24 hours after the treatment too.